What we invest in

People first

We are looking for exceptional founders with the ability to build incredible teams. Team builders, we focus on Founders with the ability to build incredible teams. Founder Market Fit should be clear. Great people should take the entrepreneur’s risk.

Product-market fit

Product-market fit is a key item to be evaluated, i.e. will your customers be better or worse if your product would not exist. We rather see the lovers than a massive base without love.

Sustainable financial structures

The best companies are built in decades, not years – we pick the ones that will last. Growth rates must be followed by solid and sustainable financial structures.

Scalable solutions

Scalabily added by growth can be the turning point to deliver great companies. Category leaders are relevant differentiators.

B2B Focused

Open to hear every entrepreneur. But our preferred areas are B2B related.

Tech-oriented companies

Techonology is a key element to scale on any business segment.

From Pre-Series A to Series B

Open to hear everything, not only traditional venture capital rounds. Bootstrap companies, fonders that don┬┤t necessary want to sell their business, crazy ideas from great people. Learning from great people is our focus.