We invest in companies, not statistics

Every company invested by Unite is unique and essential to our ecosystem. We invest in a limited number of businesses every year and our success comes from the success of every team we partner up

People-driven companies, tech-enabled businesses

The best companies build their foundations on amazing teams, repeatable processes and scalable products based on top-notch technology. Long-term games are played with the best talents, discipline and technology

Customer-centric mindset

Customers are the main driver of a company’s growth and perpetuity. We invest in solutions that are capable of fulfilling people and companies’ needs. Startups that know how to build compelling entry and exit barriers on customers through amazing products are the ones we want to partner with

Sustainable unit economics and business models

The best companies are built in decades, not years – we pick the ones that will last. Visibility on path to profitability is more important than triple-digit top line growth, we believe that revenue expansion must be followed by solid and sustainable unit economics. Our main focus is on companies with recurrent revenue business models

From Pre-series A to Series B

We believe that partnerships are long-term commitments, that´s why we are open to meet every founder interested to know more about Unite, no matter the stage of their company. However, our skills and expertise are better employed to help early-stage companies with well stablished and proved product market scale. Count on us to help building your processes, strategy and team