How we work

We believe that it is possible to generate extraordinary return through the correct combination of profitable businesses, long-term mindset, and hands-on partners. By leveraging our relationships, we can help our companies attract clients, initiate partnerships and build teams. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty and expect the same from the founders, that results in companies who are built to last.

Founder-Friendly Mindset

Provence partners with the most committed founders in Brazil focusing on sustainable growth. The only way to stay aligned with the founder is to permit the company to mature at its own rate. A good investor understands its role, Founders are the decision-makers and risk-takers.

Don’t Spray, Don’t Pray

Our commitment is to invest in extraordinary founders that will grow companies beyond their own skills. For that, we provide a network of former and active entrepreneurs to guide and give advice. We understand that on Series A rounds – Team, Processes and Technology are key factors for success. By doing fewer investments per year, and staying hands-on we can guarantee a continual portfolio value increase